Glowstix Australia Pty Ltd - The battery operated candle specialists.

Glowstix Australia Pty Ltd is a privately-owned Australian company specialising in a complete range of novelty, recreational and industrial light up products.

These consist of 2 main categories:

  • Chemical light products
  • Battery operated light products

Founded in 1996, we have made steady growth to become one of Australia 's largest and most respected suppliers in our industry.

Being in the industry for some time now we have established a wide range of products which we are constantly updating to ensure we can meet all your needs and provide you with access to all the latest light products available.

Superior customer service is provided by:

  • Guaranteed satisfaction with our product range
  • Knowledgeable and accessible staff
  • Simple ordering process and on time delivery

Glowstix Australia invented the battery operated Glow Candle in 2004. Since then, we continue to undertake extensive research and development activities to ensure that we are providing the best quality candle that our customers will value and appreciate when they purchase our brand.

The new “Candlelite” range consists of the 3 styles: Premium, Rainbow and Flicker.

These new designs were developed to provide our customers with a more economical choice without reducing the quality and brightness that sets our candles apart from the competition.

Other companies have tried to match the high quality and brightness that our candles have achieved but failed to reach the benchmark set by Glowstix Australia.

Glowstix Australia take pride and dedication in developing new products and in doing so have invested heavily in intellectual property in the form of registered designs, patents and trademarks to protect our candles from infringement.

These are just some of the registered trademarks owned by Glowstix Australia P/L & used when promoting our candles.

We hope you find our candlelite website informative and easy to use and we encourage you to provide us with any feedback that may assist us in improving or adding additional information that we may have overlooked.

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